29 October 2019

SEAMAID launch the solar range to mark out your outdoor spaces

The solar bollard is positioned on the ground.
The solar wall unit fits directly on a wall.

With their integrated sensor, the solar wall unit and bollard adjust their intensity as needed:

  • The sensor detects if someone is present within a radius of 7m and the wall unit or bollard increases to 100% of its intensity.
  • If there is no-one present, they switch to economy mode and mark out the area.
  • Their extensive autonomy means they can last up to 100 hours in economy mode and 5 hours at full intensity.

Fitted with a Lithium-Ion battery, they store solar energy throughout the day, in all weather, and release it at nightfall.

For renovation or construction works, consider the SEAMAID solar range – reliable products that are easy to install and use.

Available in grey and rust. Stay informed about the launch.



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