Why choose LED lighting for your pool and garden?


No longer just for swimming, pools have become an integral part of a home’s living spaces. No wonder then that more and more of us are using lighting to showcase them to their best advantage.


But not just any lighting… So, why should you choose LED lighting? Allow us to explain!


  • For professionals: 

At the construction stage, projectors keep installation costs down: smaller-diameter cabling, less powerful transformers, more flexible cable simplifying connection and completion of works. The advantages are clear:

SEAMAID LED lamp Incandescent lamp
Consumption 5W to 24W 300W
Cable thickness 2×1.5 mm2 to 2×2.5mm² 2x10mm²
Transformer required 50W 300W
Cable type light and flexible rigid and heavy
Lifespan up to 20,000 hrs 1,500 hrs


  • For private owners:

LED means cost-effectiveness in use! With an estimated lifespan of over 20,000 hours, and low energy consumption (40W for the most powerful projectors), our projectors use less energy than conventional lamps. An example:

  • Incandescent Halogen SEAMAID LED
    Consumption 0.3 KW (300W) 0.1 KW (100W) 0.016 Kw (16W*)
    Lifespan 1,500 hrs 2,500 hrs up to 20,000 hrs
    Usage costs € 11.11 € 3.70 € 0.59

    *Standard model white 30LED Cost per kilowatt: reference EDF bleu 2014 tariffs – € 0.1372 inc VAT. Used during the summer period in France from mid-June to mid-September for 270 hours, i.e. 90 days for three hours per night.


When you choose LED lighting, you’re choosing safety… Because they don’t heat up, there’s no risk of burns with our projectors on direct skin contact while swimming. And the unique, specific optic lens we’ve developed means no risk to eyes either!

… and creating a colourful ambiance in your pool too! 



Pool : LED means energy savings! 

Did you know?

Under the framework directive 2009/125/CE concerning energy-related products, a new regulation (1194/2012) has been applicable since September 2013. It defines the following criteria:

  • minimum efficiency criteria in terms of lifespan and light quality,
  • compulsory marking on both the product itself and the packaging,
  • a new energy label,
  • European Regulation 874/2012


Look carefully when choosing a projector for your pool: the new label and compulsory marking are there to help you! 

Make sure you check a product’s certification by looking for the logo of a recognised test lab, such as LNE, CSTB, TUV, RHEINLAND, etc., or by requesting the product’s certificates of compliance.