2 noviembre 2021

The new tubular projector hubcaps from SEAMAID

New at Seamaid !

With its new hubcaps for swimming pool projectors, Seamaid makes the lighting system even more aesthetic and discreet in the pool

Reminder : 

With a 1.5 » male thread on the back of its support, the Seamaid tubular projector is compatible with all types of pools. Its simplified installation requires no specific tools.

On a staircase, a submerged beach or in a swimming lane, the projector is screwed by hand into a 1.5 » vacuum fitting to disappear there. This type of projector has been designed to limit the risk of loss of tightness resulting from the piercing of the pool.

Building on the success of its tubular LED projector, Seamaid has developed dedicated accessories: hubcaps to be placed around the projectors.

Round or square, these hubcaps are fitted with clips to facilitate their installation around the projector. This innovation aims to mask the vacuum fitting and to match, thanks to the 6 available colors, the color of the other equipment of the swimming pool.

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