7 diciembre 2021

SEAMAID secures your electrical installations !

Always involved at your side, the LED lighting brand SEAMAID offers you an innovative solution to secure the electrical connections around the pool.

With GELBOX, you protect the electrical equipment but also the users of the pool thanks to a box pre-filled with insulating and reusable gel.

To be installed in the connection box of the pool projector but also in any other application requiring protection against splashes, humidity or permanent immersion.

Discover the Seamaid Gelbox tutorial in video :

UK version
Italian version
German version
Spanish version

For professional counters and shops, SEAMAID presents GELBOX in an individual transparent blister pack with European hole, but also in a 32-piece display box.

Blister pack
Display pack

For more information :

UK :

German :

Italian :

Spanish :

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