25 mayo 2021

The Seamaid lighting kit is the ideal companion for all above-ground pools

Thanks to an installation method patented by Seamaid in 2009, there is no need to drill and no tools are required. Simply insert the kit onto the the outlet fitting, remove the front cover and unscrew the outlet fitting 1.5’’. If the existing outlet model does not fit, an additional adapter is supplied.

The optic of the above-ground kit has been specially designed for pool lighting and is friction welded. It’s designed to provide a harmonious, non-blinding light distribution in any pool.

The above-ground kit is made by polycarbonate injection moulding and is highly resistant to impact, heat and the chemical aggression of water treatment products. Available in cold white or in RGB with remote control. Bring your pool back to life with 7 fixed colours and 3 automatic light programmes.

« Because an above-ground pool also deserves lighting, Seamaid has designed a ready-to-install kit without any work »

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