Lighting kit for above-ground pools

Bring a colourful ambiance to above-ground, hard-wall pools, provided they have at least one outlet fitting with a 1.5” female thread.

Did you know? The SEAMAID comes with a “ready to install” kit case.

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Easy to install: Simply remove the cover before unscrewing the outlet fitting nozzle. Place the projector’s plate against the wall fitting and screw the nozzle back on. If the nozzle model you are using is unsuitable, use the adaptor provided. Feed the cable under the edge and connect it to the mains.

Lay the cable under the edge to prevent it from coming loose.

When using for the first time, it is necessary to pair the remote control provided with the projector.

To pair easily, connect the transformer to a multi-socket with an on/off switch.

Regulation safety distances must be respected at all times and the main power supply must not be closer than 3.50 meters from the water.

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