6 April 2020

SEAMAID presents its new 2020 catalog


The new services !

Our customer service is getting a facelift thanks to digital. A support service from our website will allow us to discharge you from after-sales service.
In addition SEAMAID launches its Service+, a free one-year warranty extension, after products have been registered on the site.


Our range evolution

Discover our new products such as the tubular projector and the 1 and 4 channel radio switch !
Our standard range technically evolves by integrating the stabilized current. Powerful and reliable, the standard range of SEAMAID will meet your needs.


The Smart Lighting

SEAMAID connected lighting. Control your IZZYBOX from a free mobile application. Manage your lighting by zone; colors, light intensity, operating hours, etc.
The on-board intelligence will also inform you of any malfunctions in your lights. Discover its features with ease.


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