1 April 2021

Fin the field of the screw-on projectors : The flat projector

A SEAMAID Invention in 2008

Developed and patented by Seamaid in 2008, the installation by screwing into a vacuum fitting or wall inlet with a 1.5″ thread, greatly reduces the risk of loss of watertightness compared to a PAR56 niche fitting.

An invention that makes installation simple and compatible with in-ground, semi-in-ground or above-ground pools.

Designed to satisfy all uses and equip all pools.

Available in cold white lighting, with 1650 lumens to illuminate your nights around the pool, but also available in RGB lighting, with 510 lumens.

Choose from 11 fixed colours and 5 moods. Supplied with a wireless remote control to enjoy a well-lit pool anywhere in your home.

Supplied with a white crown, it is also available in 8 other colours to match the crowns with the colour of the others fittings.

Discover the other Seamaid screw-on projectors

The Mini projector

For spas, stairs or the submerged areas of your pool

The Tubular projector

For small pools and swim lanes


From now on, the flat projector is guaranteed for 2 years + 1 year free. 

To benefit from the free year, simply register your product or your customer’s product on the website below :

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